May 25, 2004 - France


Nice, long and busy week end. I managed however to meet Heather who was staying the week end in Paris (she's living in Germany far from her native kariboo land ) with long time friends of her visiting from Canada. I met Heather during the crazy diving trip in Indonesia with Bob, Todd, Craig and co. How cool to see her again, we just had a quick brunch and sushi (albeit bad) lunch and had to run to do my stuff and see Fabrice to give him my housing for his next day trip to the Seychelles.

She's going to Wakatobi in september and then back to Lembeh. Lucky her ! Wakatobi is on my todo list but that's a bit pricey for me right now considering I haven't been working for very long ( $2500 for 11 days, not including flight of course, which might be around $700). But hey.. we only live once and wakatobi is apparently THE spot, so who knows.. maybe by then there will be a last minute available spot and I will be able to go as well and all will be perfect in a perfect world

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May 24, 2004 - France

Apartment ?

I'm still not settled and having my own space. It's not that I was looking too much recently as I had my head buried into the sand because of work issues living little time but late evenings to look for it (and go out) Hopefully this should be better now, and I'd better off finding an appartment and some people to share it (or vice versa). I'm not too keen on spending 1KEUR/month on some appartment, especially if I plan to buy one some day (read, in a year or two as I would need to save some money for that first !) to avoid throwing out money through the windows.

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May 18, 2004 - France

My ! Time flies !

I just cannot believe that at this time one year ago I was just arriving in South Africa after having spent some time in Egypt, Jordan, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. That's shocking ! ONE YEAR ! And I feel at the same time that it was yesterday and 10 years ago !

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May 05, 2004 - France

Kilimanjaro follow up

The Kilimanjaro expedition is building itself slowly. We are already 4 (maybe 5) to be interested in it. Ideally I would like the expedition to be split in two weeks. One week for the Kilimanjaro itself and another week to take advantage of national parks and do some 'photo safari'.

Budget still to be defined but I expect it to be around $2000. A 2-way flight is about $700, a kilimanjaro trek is also about $700. In Tanzania it's hard to have a safari at less than $80/day due to the very high park fees, in Kenya it's a bit less but the road is often miserable.

No date defined, but common sense will try to avoid end of rainy season and beginning of dry one. This will be more comfortable for the summit and it's better to be able to see animals in the bush when it is not fully grown.

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May 01, 2004 - France

Anna Netrebko

Just saw a documentary where Anna Netrebko was performing. She is absolutely amazing in musicality and theatricality, no wonders that everyone is fascinated when she is on stage. I have to get a CD.

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