March 28, 2005 - France

Fishers on strike

You're in France or you're not.

St-Leu Fishers apparently decided on friday evening (after a few beers) to get on strike and are preventing boats from going to sea, therefore it is not possible to dive on saturday and sunday. Cherry on the cake, Abyss is closed on monday...fortunately Ben (one of the key staff) told me to checkout Atlantis Plongée. That means that the plan has to be changed as I was initially considering to slowly go hiking from thursday to saturday.

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March 20, 2005 - Indonesia

Study Of Light And Mantas - Sangalaki's Videos

I received the DVD that Mike managed to put up after a lot of work considering all the footage he had from our trip in Sangalaki. The result is absolutely amazing. Some sequences are available courtesy of Digital Diver. You can find them here. You have 4 versions of different quality (9.6MB, 15MB, 29.5MB, 45.5MB)

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Back from La Réunion

I'm back from La Réunion, after a week of work and a week of vacation. I will post pictures asap but the result do not live up to expectations. This is simply not the place to go for underwater photography.

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March 16, 2005 - France


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March 15, 2005 - France


I'm now diving with Abyss Plongee, nothing against Atlantis Plongee as they have been extremely cool and friendly. From a photographic point of view the first dive was a disaster, I was realizing during the first dive that something was wrong with the camera flash settings as everything was desynchronized from time to time and every wide angle shot was...err..without light, until I realized some time later that the camera was apparently reset after I changed the batteries. The fact that there's a bit of a rush underwater does not help much to have a clear mind.

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March 12, 2005 - France


I left St Denis in the morning and had to go back to St André to get things fixed about the car rental company as I'm keeping the car the next week. Yep, it's a local company called 'Regis Location' so you actually need to find yourself the location of the office to pay.

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March 04, 2005 - France

La Réunion

I'm leaving to the island of La Réunion tonight. About 10,000km from Paris. I will be giving some J2EE training the first week at the University of St Denis. I will take advantage of the trip to take a week off the
and go diving the surroundings. I'm taking the whole diving and photo gear with me.

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