February 19, 2004


I originally was part of the Maven project when it started a few years ago. I found it was interesting at this time as I had been working for a lot of time to deploy a complete build system that was using Gump in my company. Incidentally I had other things to think about in my life, but I was also quickly drowning under the huge number of commits that was going through frenetically so I stepped off. About 2 years later it seems to get close to the 1.0 version, so I tried to install it as a pilot project. That was reasonably easy, but I'm amazed at the number of dependencies it requires (which is pretty interesting when for, some security reasons, the build machine you use is not connected to the internet). I also absolutely love the way it runs, or more exactly does not run without giving an error message (or when it does, a meaningful one).

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Cruising without control

In a year, things haven't changed that much. I needed to install a daily build with automatic reporting. I quickly added a simple one with a cron that was publishing the Ant XML log (I actually noticed that Ant was not logging system properties since December 2001. Oops ). Anyway, out of curiosity, I wanted to try out CruiseControl that supposedly went through a lot of changes. I was for a rough ride. I guess that not many people are using it as the doc is completly wrong and outdated, the build system is a mess and the configuration is extremely redundant and undocumented. And why do they absolutely need to provide I don't know how many publishing tasks (email, scp, ftp, xslt...) when it would be SO simple to call a Ant build file that does all that for you ? It's open source but I'm angry !

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