March 21, 2003


Another breakfast finished at 8:15AM for a taxi that arrived at 9:15AM. Really, there is no rush here. Maybe there is a time difference between the east and west coast here
And really I had time... the dive planned at 9:30AM transformed itself in a dive planned at 11:30AM...mmm.. no good, it will cut severely my afternoon and I will have a hard time going to Baie de Lonay I believe, or just about anywhere in this island. My equipment won't have time to dry off.

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I'm right now in Mahe, main island in the Seychelles where is the capital Victoria. I chose to stay here as this is somewhat high season and the price of accommodation is expensive just about anywhere and this kills my budget quickly.

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March 20, 2003

Conception Island

Taxi arrived again at 9AM (scheduled for 8:15AM). In the way to Beau Vallon we stopped to a guesthouse to pick up other people as well. The taxi driver was shocked not to see them and then called the Dive Center owner that asked him to leave. I talked a little bit to the taxi driver and he was angry because that's the 2nd time they are not waiting: 'At what time were they supposed to be picked up ?' I asked, 8:30' he replied. I looked at the time...9:10AM. Humm..there is obviously something he has a problem to understand... assuming you should dive at 9:30AM and a taxi must pick you at 8:30AM, what would a common sense do if the taxi is not here by 9AM ?
If you want a really accurate answer then you need a geographic location for that event. There is NO time in the Seychelles for certain things...

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March 19, 2003

Diving in Mahe

I woke up at 7:30AM. The breakfast was starting at 8AM until 9AM. Pretty short window and pretty late..but it's the islands... Anyway I had to hurry to take my breakfast as the taxi was supposed to arrive at 8:15AM. Which I did. And the taxi arrived...right on time at 9:00AM !! I was just trying to reach the Dive Center but the phone numbers indicated in the Tourism Office map are not valid anymore ! Pretty interesting business practice ! I'm wondering if many people can actually reach them.

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