May 18, 2003

Where else in the world ...

I came back yesterday after spending 2 days in Gweru, located in the middle of Zimbabwe. More exactly I was staying in Antelope park where I had incredible experiences. I was able to walk and play with lions aged from 4-months to over a year old (you'd better pay attention with those one). I took some incredible pictures of them and that was really special to be able to cuddle them like cats (still being aware of their sudden change of mood though as they have the same snobbish attitude as cats do and lions are extremely powerful, with sharp claws and teeths that cut meat like paper, my sweat shirt can testify for that).

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May 17, 2003

Walk with Lions II

This time the lions were just over a year old and the difference in size between the 7-month one are huge. You really have to take care here as a claws and teeths make you bleed just by looking at them. Moreover they are about human size and extremely powerful. Just after I went playing a little bit with the 4-months old and take some pictures.

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May 16, 2003

Walking with Lions I

The first walk with the lions happened with 3 individuals aged of about 7 months. The difference with the 4 month old cubs is absolutely amazing. They were not very cooperative for pictures as they are still young and were running all over the place. A contrario to what pictures may suggest, you have to be aware constantly as the lions can switch from 'love mode' to 'predator mode' in a couple of seconds. You can normally spot this easily as the look in their eyes change completly.

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