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April 27, 2003

More time in Zanzibar

Filed under: Tanzania — stephane @ 5:29 pm

I have decided to stay a couple more days here in Zanzibar and more exactly Nungwi. Pete from Sensation Divers gave me a good price so that is really interesting. Moreover I found that I can fly for $106 from Zanzibar to Nairobi with Air Kenya making a ferry/bus trip totally useless. Wies should probably join me by tuesday and start her Open Water course (first step to be certified) she will probably stay 2 weeks around Zanzibar and I will probably leave by the end of this week. Note, that it has been raining all night and the day has been cloudy here. Maybe the rainy season is really starting. It is already a month and a half late and I have had excellent weather both in Kenya and Tanzania. Everything has an end.

April 25, 2003

Diving Nungwi

Filed under: Tanzania — stephane @ 7:12 pm

I have been in Nungwi since yesterday and I like this place. I have been reconcialited with the dives in Zanzibar. I have been diving with Sensation Divers and staying at Amaan Beach Bungalows ($10/night). Here you have a nice visibility, lots of turtles, plenty of fishes and….very nice beaches. This contrast heavily with the dives in Stonetown where I can qualify the dives as ‘terrible’. In short the marine life is totally absent due to local fishermen playing a little bit too much with explosives…

April 24, 2003


Filed under: Tanzania — stephane @ 4:31 pm

After being a tourist for some days in Zanzibar (roughly, doing a Spices tour, seeing Red Colonus monkeys and swimming with dolphins) I moved to the north of Zanzibar in a place called Nungwi. I plan to stay there probably until Sunday and then try to find my way back to Nairobi. I’m hesitating between taking a Kenya Airways flight ($150) or taking the ferry and then a long bus ride (13h) from Dar Es Salaam to Nairobi (all this about $70)

April 22, 2003

Kizimkazi and Joziani

Filed under: Tanzania — stephane @ 6:44 pm

Today I have been going to Kizimkazi to swim with dolphins, this was an interesting experience though I’m wondering what are the dolphins thinking about all this mess. At first we were only 2 boats and it was not too stressfull but not so long after 8 boats were turning around and chasing them to drop the people in the water.

April 19, 2003


Filed under: Tanzania — stephane @ 6:35 pm

A couple of pictures from the day in Stonetown.

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