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July 31, 2003

Vimanmek Mansion

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 7:53 am

As the title suggests, I took the tourist path today and went visit the Vinamnek Mansion (B100) which is a palace made for King Rama V and constructed entirely of gold teak without a single nail (wood pegs only). It is an incredibly beautiful place with awesome artefacts and you will have no pictures because we are not allowed to take any :(. At 10:30AM I was just in time for the Thai Dancing show (B20 if you want to take pictures otherwise free…) and walked down to the Wat Benjamabophit (B20) which is the last major temple to have been built in Bangkok (early 1900s). I then went all the way down to the Democracy Monument and went quickly to the Wat Saket aka Golden Mountain (B10) that houses the holy hash remains of Lord Buddha.

July 30, 2003

My Tailor Is Rich

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 1:35 pm

I have been wandering today in the (un)famous part of Bangkok: Khao San Road. Basically Khao San is filled with guesthouses, restaurants, internet cafes, tailors, etc.. and is also packed with backpackers. In this area you probably see more western backpackers than thais. So if you are looking for a little bit more authenticity and calm, get out there.

July 29, 2003


Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 5:38 pm

I just arrived in Bangkok about 2 hours ago after a short flight from Hong-Kong(2 hours, it is roughly the same distance than to Cebu). I took a metered taxi from the airport (300 bahts) after avoiding the hawkers close to the exit gate that wanted to get me in their taxis for 500. That was a hell of an experience to have a conversation with a Thai taxi driver who speaks slightly more english than I speak thai. I managed to learn a few thai words during the ride and he dropped me at the expected location ;).

Philippines Impressions

Filed under: Philippines,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 2:36 am

I have a bit of time so I will write my first feelings as a dumb tourist in the Philippines. Being there for only a week. All in all this was my first contact with Asia if I except a couple of long or short term involvement with people in the French and American asian community. Anyway. What first strikes as a man in the Philippines is obviouslly the deep interest you attract toward Filipinos young women. And I can tell you that there are some extremely attractive one !

There is hope

Filed under: Philippines,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 1:44 am

I just received an email from TopClassHost support :D. The site is being moved to a better featured and more reliable control panel. This will correct the email and permission problems. The move will be completed today, and the new access details forwarded to you.. I’m crossing my fingers ;|.

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