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October 31, 2003

Back to Perth

Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 10:05 am

Yesterday evening I just realized that I was actually supposed to have the car back to Perth…mmm…in fact I probably mixed up the date concerning my planning but anyway. I tried to call back AVIS but was fighting with the phone that kept eating my coins and cutting all my calls so I never could reach AVIS which could have been useful to prevent them for declaring the car stolen and launching a nationwide police research on a French terrorist driving a blue Hyundai Getz.

October 30, 2003


Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 9:45 am

After a quick and short drive to Cape Le Grand situated about 60km east of Esperance, I rejoined the main (only) highway (road) to Kalgoorlie. A few kilometers later, I amazingly joined Susie, Sarah and Pete on the way to Kalgoorlie. Susie managed to impress me by driving twice over the speed limit in some areas and deciding to overtake a queue of vehicules stopped at the roadwork. The lollipop man handed her the ‘stop’ sign desperately while I was laughing in my car at the back of the queue.

October 29, 2003


Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 10:06 am

Esperance is named after a French Naval vessel sheltered from a storm in a bay a few kilometers from the present town. It is also known as the Bay of Isles due to the vast number of small islands offshore and it has absolutely amazing white sand beaches with stunning shades of blue. The downside being that it is incredibly windy with an average of 27km/h a year.

October 28, 2003


Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 11:15 am

An absolutely stunning dutch-british weather (read rain all over the place) this morning. Plan was somewhat to go to Mount Frankland, but considering the weather the view would have been a stunning 100m-viz at most. I made my way through the forrest made of Karri and Tingle trees to find the Giant Tingle Tree, then stopped at the Valley of the Giants (A$6). The Valley of the Giants is a nice piece of engineering that allow you to walk on the treetops, 40m above the ground. Honestly it is more interesting for the engineering part than the thrills of walking on the treetops as it is not especially dense and the view has nothing extraordinary.

October 27, 2003


Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 12:26 pm

Rainy day. Pretty annoying. After going to Leeuwin lighthouse where the Indian and Pacific oceans meet (about 8km from Augusta), I went back south to visit Jewel Cave (A$15.5) where I was greeted by the guide with a ‘Your country is Germany, right?’…errr absolutely not, sorry, it’s France.

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