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December 31, 2003


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Diving Turtle Rocks, north mooring.

December 29, 2003

Bimini Undersea

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We decided to give a try to the local dive operation as we are pretty limited due to the draft of the boat. With 7ft, it is hard to move as the Bahamas can be pretty shallow for miles and miles and miles. If we take the dinghy it gets easier but we cannot go very far. We can now say: Been there, dove that with Bimini Undersea…and will do it myself next time. There is an attitude problem with this operator and it’s not worth paying US$89 for a 2 tank-dive. I was not convinced after a first contact as I have seen more warmth from a hungry predator and they were not able to answer adequatly any of my questions concerning the particularity of each dive site. I feel they probably got more questions about the presence of toilets onboard than anything else regarding the dive. :(

December 27, 2003

Sailing from Panama to New Zealand

Filed under: Bahamas,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 11:33 pm

No this is not what I plan to do, but this is what did a gorgeous young swedish woman named Tina. Check out her website from her expedition. I’m short of words to describe what she did. We bumped into her and her friends when we were both looking for information at the Bimini dive center. They were all onboard a yacht called Tango Mango that they rented for a week from Miami.

December 22, 2003


Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,USA — stephane @ 7:28 pm

I’m in Miami for 2 days now. Scheduled to sail to the Bahamas in the next days if weather allows. It is unlikely that I will update this site a lot until my return in mid-january since there is obviouslly very little chance to find an internet kiosk in the middle of the ocean :mrgreen:. I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every reader of this website. A big thanks to all of you who I met during my travel and still reading this. To all friends and family in France: see you in about 3 weeks time.

December 20, 2003


Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,USA — stephane @ 3:02 am

I just arrived in Dallas a few hours ago and will gladly enjoy a good night sleep after all this time spent in planes and airports. We changed planes in Auckland and amazingly a couple of us (including me) who were sitting in the upper rows of the 767 between Auckland and Sydney were assigned the same seats number in the 747 from Auckland to Los Angeles…meaning that I did the trip in Business Class. And let me tell you that I enjoyed that seat ! :mrgreen: Once in Los Angeles: total chaos !

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