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January 30, 2004


Filed under: France — stephane @ 10:49 pm

What I have been doing recently ? Well, if you have been reading the lasts posts between the lines, you figured out that I was working temporarily for a 10 days mission. I was supposed to provide some Java technical backup about an offer bid for a J2EE application server. A J2EE application was provided by the client, as well as the hardware (load balancer, servers, …) and the team had to solve technical problems on the application and demonstrate features of the server.

January 29, 2004

$250,000 bounty

Filed under: France — stephane @ 4:31 pm

Since monday, because of the MyDoom virus, I have been under attack by mail servers from all over the world that kindly send me hundred of bounced emails like:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients failed.

because of various reasons like exceeded quota, unknown recipient, virus detected.

January 24, 2004

14500 pictures

Filed under: France — stephane @ 7:34 pm

14500 is about the number of pictures I took during my trip. This is more than I did in my 30 existing years on Earth. I just finished burning the latest CDs with them. I stupidely did not do any backup since Singapore and now that I’m desperately trying to work hard with my laptop with some server side application and it shows some worrying signs of mechanical troubles. I feel like the hard disk will blow up soon, so I’d better backup right now than feel sorry and smash my head against the wall because I lost all my data.

January 22, 2004


Filed under: France — stephane @ 1:25 am

Things are getting crazy for me right now. I already spent some time visiting family and friends, went to lunch and dinner here and there, got various proposals, and I’m already working on a J2EE related project for a couple of days while I still did not have time to update my resume and post it on the web. All this means that I did not get much sleep since last friday. This is positive since it put me right on the track again.

January 17, 2004


Filed under: France — stephane @ 2:05 am

I arrived in Paris a few hours ago. The flight from Miami with American Airlines was a nightmare and a complete mess. My flight audio system was again not working properly (I’m very lucky with this each time I’m taking the train or a flight), fortunately there was no one next to me so that problem was solved quickly despite the fact the choice was atrocious. Shortly after, the flight attendant announce us that the movie will be Finding Nemo. This seems perfectly normal to me when the movie happened to be Radio with Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding Jr. The rest of the flight happened to be just like travelling in a shaker, courtesy of the bad weather above the atlantic. We start our descent toward Paris when the crew decide to serve us the breakfast in a hurry. I’m unsure if they ‘forgot’ it, or if it was done on purpose to let people sleep more. Fact is that we had to eat breakfast quickly !

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