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June 28, 2004

More Diving Options

Filed under: France — stephane @ 12:35 am

Looks like Wakatobi is compromised and might be replaced a Komodo Dancer 11-day trip. Of course all this is followed by a Lembeh trip and there is another Lembeh trip in December.

All this courtesy of Dr Bob Whorton, of course.

Komodo might be nice (for topside photography as well, with the dragons opportunities) but still, it is in september and negociations with my company are difficult.

June 26, 2004

For Sale: DS50 strobe

Filed under: France — stephane @ 12:30 am

I’m thinking of selling my underwater strobe kit and change it. This can be split in strobe and arms/tray kit.

– Ikelite DS50 + diffuser
– Ikelite Manual controler

– Adapter ULCS/Ikelite (#AD-MS)
– 2 arms ULCS 5″ (#DB-05)
– 1 3x clamp ULCS (#AC-TS)
– 1 2x clamp ULCS (#AC-CS)
– 1 tray + handle ULCS (#TR-NKS)

Email me if you are interested.

June 25, 2004


Filed under: France — stephane @ 12:23 am

I just contacted Mark, at World Diving where I was staying last year in september, they are fully book from August 30, they had sightings of sunfish in May and early June but none since then as the water has been very warm.

This could be a possibility in August but air fares are atrocious, I went to Thomas Cook and we had massive problems to find the return flight as well, it would have been on a waiting list. :-(

June 23, 2004

Where to go…hum

Filed under: France — stephane @ 12:14 am

I have to find where to go for my forced vacation. As expected my company wants me to take vacation during summer. Of course I have a seminar on July 22 meaning: August or nothing.

The rational behind this is simple. The government basically stop working during july and august. We are doing most of our business with the government, so it’s better financially speaking for the company to have us going away during that period.

I don’t really have that much ideas, the season basically sucks because air fares are extremely high. I was thinking of going to Bali to take advantage of the Mola Mola season but air fares reach an astonishing 2000EUR while the ‘normal’ price is around 600EUR.

I tried to put my vacations on september and maybe try to go to Wakatobi, with Heather, Bob and al. But I was refused those dates.

June 22, 2004


Filed under: France — stephane @ 12:02 am

I finally found a reasonable apartment to share. It’s a 80sq meter located 5min away from the center of Paris by train, in Asnieres. There are some work to be done inside (mainly floor), but that’s cool. It’s conveniently situated, calm.. but there are no parking (I still did not get my car though as I don’t need it).

I expect to stay around here about a year, time for me to save a bit of money and probably buy an apartment despite the atrocious price going up up up up while salaries are going steady steady down.

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