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June 29, 2006

Experiment – GeoIP call for participation

Filed under: Software — stephane @ 11:30 pm

For a small experiment I need to collect IP addresses to evaluate GeoIP providers such as MaxMind and see how good their database is to guess user location from their IP address, so I’d be grateful if you could post a comment by just providing the following information from where you are reading this entry:

  • country, region/state/area, city and zipcode

Don’t bother with the IP as it will be included in the message I will receive.
And don’t worry about privacy, comments will not appear or will be deleted shortly if you are already ‘known’ by WordPress.

Thank you for your participation.

Update: Thanks to all… Got about 40 IPs now but would need like 500-1000 :)

ApacheCon EU 2006 in Dublin

Filed under: OpenSource,Software — stephane @ 11:21 pm

I missed AC EU 2006 in Dublin due to very bad planning on my side and unfortunate sum of events and because everybody was leaving, someone had to stay there and pretend to work, right ?

Too bad as it would have been refreshing to stand there and talk to people. In conferences the social aspect is usually more important than the sessions themselves as you always learn a lot of things by talking to your peers.

Emmanuel Lecharny did a session about Apache Directory Server and its existing and upcoming performance and features. Sylvain Wallez is there hanging around all sessions and will probably come back with another bunch of good ideas for us (I guess he was sneaking around Peter Royal’s MINA session ;), Mads Toftum was also speaking about Apache HTTPd and Gianugo Rabellino about REST.

I’ll recommend Sylvain to go check Steve Loughran and Julio Guijarro session about SmartFrog.

I’ll be apparently in New York from July 5th for about 2 weeks, maybe more, maybe less. That was supposed to be last week/this week (which is also a reason why I missed AC) but eh…things change all the time.

June 10, 2006

Va t’faire foot !

Filed under: International — stephane @ 12:55 pm

So now we get one full month of soccer/football coverage nearly 24h a day.

June 7, 2006

Thalys 10-year anniversary: Got 2 round-trip tickets and Champagne

Filed under: France — stephane @ 11:09 pm

I went to The Hague (Den Haag) from Paris at the last minute via the Thalys for a meeting and ended up being offered 2 round-trips Thalys tickets and a small bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne as my seat number was picked up for the 10-year anniversary of Thalys.

That was worth the pain of waking up at 04:45 and come back at 21:30. (It takes ~3h30 to travel from Paris to The Hague). The meeting was productive and I don’t mind being offered Champagne and free tickets from time to time without even participating to a lottery :mrgreen:

June 6, 2006

Ant tasks for Tomcat 5.x, Jetty 5.x and Jetty 6.x

Filed under: OpenSource,Software — stephane @ 11:33 pm

I hacked those last 2 days an Ant task to help launch any servlet container easily against our different webapps module in a snap. This is something I wanted to do for quite some times, but ultimately never actually needed to do as I usually always was usually checking under source control the targeted production container and using some configuration template files with token filtering or variable expansion.

The task works with Tomcat 5.x, Jetty 5.x and Jetty 6.x. For Jetty, it also supports development mode (aka context reloading) which is originally missing from Jetty. It also works in either embedded mode in its own classloader and fork mode (for convenient debugging).

I just have to switch container.type to either tomcat5, jetty5 or jetty6 and it starts the container. To give an idea of what it looks like in a common build file:

<servlet fork="true" type="${container.type}" home="${container.home}" shutdown="SHUTDOWN" port="8005">
    <classpath refid="container.classpath"/>
    <connector port="8080" address="" redirectport="8443"/>
    <!--connector port="8843" address="" secure="true" keystorepass="changeit" keystorefile=".keystore" clientauth="false"/-->
    <context checkinterval="5" path="${web.context.path}" docbase="${webapp.exploded.dir}" defaultwebxml="${web.defaultwebxml}"/>
    <jvmarg line="-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005"/>    

NB: this is normally declared in a namespace but the syntax highlighting plugin completly mangles the xml.
There is hardly anything revolutionnary in there and in some way I reinvented the wheel.

  • Cargo: I wanted to use it, but actually spent more time finding my way through either documentation or code with virtually no decent result in what I considered a reasonable amount of time. Cargo does normally much more than the above and is much more abstracted than the design I hacked but I was targeting simplicity and efficiency.
  • Jetty 6 Maven plugin: provides support for Jetty 6 and development mode (context reloading) if you’re using Maven, but that of course was not an option for me.

Everything fits into a single common build file which uses Ivy behind the hood to handle dependencies in different configurations such compile, test, runtime. The module Ant build files uses only a single import:

<project name="mymodule" basedir="." default="install">
<import file="../../tools/common-build.xml"/>

The next step will probably be able to add minimal logging configuration and configuration file support to be able to run some complex setup (and thus too proprietary) which is not worth spending too much time on.

Nothing revolutionary in there, but I like it as it’s quite neat so I just needed auto-congratulation 😉

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