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November 30, 2006

Little things that make you smile

Filed under: Process,Software — stephane @ 10:41 pm

It’s not everyday that you see a short and sweet mailing list exchange like this:

Ken pointing out number of mailing lists linearly increasing at an impressive rate:
– Brian: “I think we should create a new mailing list to discuss this. ”
– Steve: “No, I think we should have a meeting.”
– Leo: “Conference call! ”
– Graham: “Conference!”
– Justin: “No, you don’t get it – we need to call a vote!”
– Brian: “+1”

Thanks for that piece of fun :)

November 16, 2006

The Venice Project revealed

Filed under: Joost — stephane @ 1:18 am

So yes. This is where I’m working for a bit more than seven months now. The Venice Project There has been enough information released already.

It has been a truly hectic experience until now and these last months have been flying. There has been a huge amount of work put into that by a bunch of absolutely incredibly talented people that are all looking to redefine what is television.

The product is looking good and we have so much more waiting to get in that it is just plain incredible.

What’s absolutely amazing is that it is really a distributed and international experience. Folks from Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Venezuela, Germany, Canada, United States, Slovenia, Argentina, …

This is only the beginning.

And I won’t tell right now on what I’m working on _exactly_ at The Venice Project. Will do later :)

November 12, 2006

Liveaboard between Lembeh and Raja Ampat

Filed under: Indonesia,Travels — stephane @ 8:15 pm

So, I signed up last week and booked my Singapore Airlines flight to Manado.

I’ll be joining my friend and pro photographer Bob Whorton on a liveaboard he organized on the new Odyssea 1. We will be diving photography heavens: Lembeh, Mayu, Halmahera and Raja Ampat for 13D/12N. I hope to do as much intense diving as I did in the area in Lembeh in 2003. (45 dives in 12 days with a total bottom time of 3288 minutes. Average bottom dive: 73 minutes with a max of 123min photographing frogfish)

I failed to get a new camera on time and wanted to get something like a Canon 400D, Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro, Sigma 24mm and a Ikelite housing in order to explore new areas…but due to time constraints (and always a reluctance to throw that much money – especially as it is always the tip of the iceberg as other things add up to carry all that on top of what I already have) that will be for next time.

Objectives until the end of the month:

  • Get all the diving equipment out, check and clean what can be cleaned. Make sure spare is OK.
  • Get all the photography equipement, clean and grease, check uw housing.
  • Check that all strobes are OK.
  • Make sure batteries are OK
  • Buy a portable HDD and a few DVDRW
  • Prepare to see how to get around stupid EU regulations on place since Nov 6
  • Try not to work too much despite having a lot work

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