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November 5, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 Server 64 bits in VMWare 7

Filed under: Software — stephane @ 9:39 am

This was not exactly a home run and while the install went smoothly – I was actually surprised to not have any questions during the install – the result left a bit to be desired. I realized something was wrong when I tried to have shared folders just didn’t show under /mnt/hgfs and vmware tools were supposedly installed correctly during the initial install…but it didn’t appear so.

So next step was to actually access the cdrom..which did not work, it was not mounted automatically and fstab ended up with 2 cdroms (not sure why) with /media/cdrom0 mapped to /dev/scd1 and /media/cdrom1 to /dev/scd0.

In addition, booting the instance, vmware complained about the floppy disk not accessible even though it was the usual default ‘autodetect’, and it seems to cascade into the entire disappearance of cdrom devices…oh well.

I kinda took a shot in the dark and modified fstab to keep only /media/cdrom0 mapped to /dev/scd0, manual mount..miracle I could see something.. then proceeded to reinstall vmware tools and I can now see shared folders… and all seems to be going well…for now.

November 4, 2009

Websites I Find Useful

Filed under: General — stephane @ 11:00 am

So I have been tagged by Ludovic, and while I’m no big fan of this chain exercise, I thought I could at least execute and try to find the websites I actually find useful, I thought that 5 was actually a bit trivial and would lead to mostly redundant listing between people, so I decided to go for 10. There is no specific order.

  • Google – because I use it for searching information constantly, as well as GMail, Documents, Maps and News on a daily basis
  • Flickr – A nice place to share photos but also to look for inspiration.
  • LinkedIn – I’m absolutely terrible at keeping contacts with people, LinkedIn changed this radically for me as it makes the contact information all accessible in one place with an incentive to update it.
  • TripIt – In the same area, a regular complaint from family and friends is to know where and when I’m going to some places, with TripIt, it made it substantially easier as it will broadcast the information automatically.
  • Amazon – Most of the books I buy are from this place.
  • Wetpixel – To keep in touch with what’s happening in underwater photography land
  • ScubaStore/DiveInn – I tend to buy most of my underwater gear online if I can. Fast and reliable service.
  • InfoQ – The portal I regularly visit to get some tech news update. Agile articles are a bit overwhelming in the last couple of years though.
  • Wikipedia – So convenient to read complete information about a topic in a digestible format.
  • dpreview – To keep an eye on photography-related news
  • TED – Because some things are worth spreading

I would have loved to have this from people from a much diverse background (ie non-technical), but the sinae qua non condition is that this person actually has a blog, so I do have to fallback to technical people on this one:
Emmanuel, Geir, Leo, Sylvain, Torsten

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