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December 18, 2003

Last day…

Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 10:36 am

Last day in Sydney. I managed to have lunch with Conor McNeil (Ant PMC chairman) despite the difficulty to reach him as he was moving office. I will be leaving tomorrow morning at 9:20AM and by the magic of time travel (ok, call that international date line ;)) I will be in Los Angeles 2h20min before my departure. I’m then connecting at 10:27AM to Dallas that I should reach at an ETA of 15:20. If I’m still alive that is, but I think I have seen worth with a Paris-London-Tokyo-Cairns (with a 8h transit in Tokyo) or a Paris-Tokyo-Noumea, so that should be ok. See you in Dallas.

December 16, 2003

Sydney, The Harbour City

Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 9:02 pm

After leaving sheep-land I’m now back in kangaroo-land, in Sydney. I picked up somewhat randomly a backpacker hostel, Glebe Village Backpacker. Originally I wanted to stay around Manly but a hostels I contacted a few days ago were full and I don’t mind too much the city for a couple of days. However I plan to move tomorrow to a more luxury hotel as I would not mind some calm and cozy room before spending the next 48h in a plane or in an airport. Good news, the weather is splendid here.

November 24, 2003


Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 5:27 am

I jumped on the Tilt train in Bundaberg at 5:30AM to go to Brisbane. I woke up at 4AM in case the weather would not have been very cooperative as I had to walk until the train station. We have been having heavy rain during the night so I was just wondering what would be my dressing status after carrying 45kg of gear in such showers. Fortunately the sky was clear and I made it to the station fully dry.

November 22, 2003

Bundaberg Liveaboard – Day 3: Lady Musgrave Island

Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 12:59 am

Last day of diving. We have to leave around 9AM back to Bundaberg so we jump in the water around 6AM for the first dive (this is how it should always be). Turtles are everywhere around the boat. When leaving, we were able to see a couple of manta rays again, but sadly none underwater. The return to Bundaberg was made nice by a couple of dolphins that came to follow us and jump around for at least one hour while the boat was running over 10kt !

November 20, 2003

Bundaberg Liveaboard – Day 2: Lady Musgrave Island

Filed under: Australia,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 12:56 am

I proved to be quite unlucky this day. I saw an absolutely massive spotted eagle ray passing by, ready to shoot…aim..change settings…damn, my fingers got messed up and I switch off the camera. #$@%& !!!, time to switch it on again, that’s 10 seconds too long to have the camera up and running. The ray is gone. A minute later we meet Diane and Jake and signal them to look around for a ray. After the dive they tell me they saw manta rays here. Zen…breath and relax.

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