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November 12, 2006

Liveaboard between Lembeh and Raja Ampat

Filed under: Indonesia,Travels — stephane @ 8:15 pm

So, I signed up last week and booked my Singapore Airlines flight to Manado.

I’ll be joining my friend and pro photographer Bob Whorton on a liveaboard he organized on the new Odyssea 1. We will be diving photography heavens: Lembeh, Mayu, Halmahera and Raja Ampat for 13D/12N. I hope to do as much intense diving as I did in the area in Lembeh in 2003. (45 dives in 12 days with a total bottom time of 3288 minutes. Average bottom dive: 73 minutes with a max of 123min photographing frogfish)

I failed to get a new camera on time and wanted to get something like a Canon 400D, Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro, Sigma 24mm and a Ikelite housing in order to explore new areas…but due to time constraints (and always a reluctance to throw that much money – especially as it is always the tip of the iceberg as other things add up to carry all that on top of what I already have) that will be for next time.

Objectives until the end of the month:

  • Get all the diving equipment out, check and clean what can be cleaned. Make sure spare is OK.
  • Get all the photography equipement, clean and grease, check uw housing.
  • Check that all strobes are OK.
  • Make sure batteries are OK
  • Buy a portable HDD and a few DVDRW
  • Prepare to see how to get around stupid EU regulations on place since Nov 6
  • Try not to work too much despite having a lot work

March 20, 2005

Study Of Light And Mantas – Sangalaki’s Videos

Filed under: Indonesia — stephane @ 3:02 pm

I received the DVD that Mike managed to put up after a lot of work considering all the footage he had from our trip in Sangalaki. The result is absolutely amazing. Some sequences are available courtesy of Digital Diver. You can find them here. You have 4 versions of different quality (9.6MB, 15MB, 29.5MB, 45.5MB)

October 16, 2004

Mantas of Ningaloo: PADI Speciality course

Filed under: Indonesia — stephane @ 2:51 pm

I have been kindly asked for several pictures of the wounded black manta taken in Sangalaki to be used as materials for a PADI Specialty Course called Mantas of Ningaloo as well as for research. The course can be taken at the Exmouth Diving Centre, Exmouth, Western Australia. This is where I wanted to go last year to take a chance at finding a few whale sharks. But this was a long way from Perth (~1300km) Oh well…

October 4, 2004

Leaving to Paris via Singapore

Filed under: Indonesia — stephane @ 12:26 am

No pictures today. I took a flight from Manado to Singapore at noon to catch my flight back to Paris at 22:30. I will be arriving the next day at 6AM and I’m going to work right after at 9AM. I did not stay long in Lembeh, but it is still better than not going at all. Heather, Mike, Paul and Bob stay here until for a few more days.

October 3, 2004


Filed under: Indonesia — stephane @ 4:36 pm

I haven’t seen a lot of nudibranches and flatworms in this trip but diving in nudi falls I expected to get a few snapshots of new species (for my personal database at least). I was not disappointed with the Hoplodoris nodulosa or the Glossodoris rufomarginatus. I did not have time to ids all of the critters because I can’t find the time and resources to do so efficiently. Of course frogfish were there as well as the Banggaai cardinalfish.

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