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December 11, 2007


Filed under: Kenya,Tanzania — stephane @ 6:19 pm

This came up recently as another thing to do for 2008 and probably a good way to start the first quarter.

Five years ago while on my round-the-world trip, I went to Mount Kenya (4,895m). For many reasons, this was one of the most dangerous thing I have done, partly due to a swedish guy screaming of pain from sickness the night before the final climb, his girlfriend that tried to get to a nearby hill to catch some mobile signal to call for rescue and was caught by the night without a lamp, my guide that realized he forgot his head lamp and both of us doing the final climb in the middle of the night pitch dark with just my head lamp to show us the way, escaping some small falling rocks and climbing just before sunrise the last couple meters of a ice and rock from a totally wrong route and….finally enjoying the massive ball of fire at sunrise.

I cannot believe it has been five years already.

I’m aiming to hopefully get to the summit of Kilimanjaro (5,895m) this year, and this while being totally out of shape and living under sea level.

I did not take a single day of vacation since last year and had some remaining from the previous year so I have a severe backlog to exhaust… By the time I leave this should probably account for more than 7 weeks.

Which would translate to more than I wanted to go to Namibia last year but I somehow decided to cancel it for work reasons (I should have stayed committed in the first place, staying for work reasons did not really serve any decent purpose).

So dream plan would be to spend 3 weeks in kenya/tanzania and 4 weeks in namibia/botswana and later take the scuba diving gear to dive somewhere to be determined.

Ah and some day I will need to train seriously for a marathon. If I manage to train somewhat half seriously this year I would definitely like to spice the year with a couple of running events. (which would really be a good motivation to lose some weight…).

Back to drawing board and see how I can get that happening.

May 6, 2003

Pictures update

Filed under: Kenya,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 6:49 pm

I have updated pictures since April 4 (wow, that’s a month ago). I apologize for the delay but did my best before and I have been now for more than 3 hours in the cybercafe in Nairobi to do all this. And there are way more as I need to process all the pictures from Nungwi and Stonetown.

Back to Nairobi

Filed under: Kenya,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 4:56 pm

I’m back from Nairobi after the longest bus ride of my life. I left from Dar Es Salaam at 6:45AM and arrived in Nairobi around 8:30PM. Almost 14 hours without no stop but a quick 15 minutes pause for lunch. Needless to say I was happy to remove my butt from the seat, I really started to feel pain. The transport was quite nice though, I took Scandinavian Express buses (35000TSh – $35) which are probably the most luxury buses in East Africa. There is air conditioning, clean seats, superbe organization, top notch staff. I had 3.5 movies during the journey to help waste some time: Signs (starring Mel Gibson), a-movie-I-cannot-remember (was not good anyway), The Master of Disguise (Disney Movie and nothing special about it) and one-movie-I-do-not-know-the-title.

April 11, 2003

On the Way to Tanga

Filed under: Kenya,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 2:02 pm

I left this morning from Diani to Mombasa along with two danish girls on their way back to Nairobi. On their advices I went to an hotel they recommended to me to spend the night in Mombasa…and oh boy, what a shithole !

April 10, 2003

Monkey day

Filed under: Kenya,Round-The-World-2003 — stephane @ 6:19 pm

Day off today, so I decided to take pictures of the monkey that keep getting around me very close. He is far from being afraid and the bastard even tried one time to steal me my bread when I was eating. He was looking at me from the tree just above my table when he decided to jump on it and get away with my bread. Too bad for him I was faster.

He does not have to complain though as I have been feeding him with bananas (but he managed to steal me an avocado anyway and obviouslly he loved it)

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