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September 16, 2004


Filed under: Singapore — stephane @ 12:20 am

I just arrived in Singapore from Paris. Excellent flight so far, I’m boarding to Balikpapan in about 30 minutes time. Just taking advantage of the free internet access in Singapore Airport to check emails.

Oh yes, I forgot to say… I’m going diving in Sangalaki (Borneo) and Manado (Sulawesi). I’ll be back on October 5.

September 12, 2003

Books everywhere

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Singapore — stephane @ 9:00 am

If you’re not a developer don’t spend too much time reading this ;). While in Singapore I have been able to hang around in Computer Books Centre and I was amazed at the number of interesting titles that recently came out. I was also stunned by the number of books about Apache Jakarta products. (Erik and Steve as you might be reading this, yes your book was there of course).

Internet access

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Singapore — stephane @ 8:24 am

Technical article for now. I have had this question a couple of times so I will try my best to answer questions people may had. Fact is, that is very easy to find internet access anywhere I have been until now even the most remote places you could not think about. Prices are very differents but mostly you will find the most expensive places in industrialized countries which should be around US$2 for the least expensive. For example in Singapore it is S$2.5-3/h, you will get S$6/hour in some places like Orchard Rd, but there is really no point in paying that much.

September 11, 2003

Leaving tomorrow

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Singapore — stephane @ 6:12 am

I went to Qantas to book my ticket. I was not able to find the flight originally as Qantas forked a new company called Australian Airlines last April or around which does only economy seats (some kind of low-cost fares) and basically some domestic and Indonesian flights are now proposed by this one. Anyway, I will be leaving tomorrow and arrive to Denpasar/Bali around 10PM.

September 10, 2003

Off to Indonesia…soon

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Singapore — stephane @ 3:44 pm

I finished everything I had to do in Singapore, and I’d be glad to fly to Indonesia to spend a little bit less money. I will look tomorrow to leave ASAP. Amazingly it looks like there is no flights anymore between Singapore and Bali via OneWorld airlines…strange, were they all canceled ? I will know more by tomorrow hopefully.

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