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January 1, 2005


Filed under: Thailand — stephane @ 10:52 pm

Funny how things go. I have just received an email from a friend, Anthony, who is now living in California for several years. He was in Phuket during the tsunami. He decided that day to take a speed boat to spend the morning in a remote island at sea…they just heard rumors while they were on the islands as they did not feel anything and it was certainly hard to believe. When they came back 2 hours after, of course, everything was torn appart, the hotel was in bad shape. They had planned to go to Phi Phi beach in case they could not find room on the boat…

August 21, 2003

US Visa

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 5:50 am

I suppose that is the price to pay when sending terrorists and when your governement does not back up the US politic in the middle-east, nonetheless I just learned that French now do need a visa issued after a private interview with US embassy staff. The process can take up to 8 weeks. Simply awesome. It concerns only old passport models prior to 2001 (mine is dating from August 2000) and of course they only issue the new model in France because of ‘technical issues’. 😯

August 20, 2003

By The Way

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 11:39 am

Just a few words to express a big thank you to family and friends that have to deal with all my problems back home in France (paper stuff, IRS, bank, post office, …) and that are solving it efficiently in a timely manner. This is more than I could do myself if I was there. So thanks again.

Off to the Perhentian Islands

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 11:16 am

Just booked everything for tomorrow. I’m off to the Perenthian Islands in Malaysia. I should take the ferry back to Chumphon, then take the night train to Sungai Golok and find my way through buses and taxi to Kuala Besut via Kota Bahru, then the ferry, etc… I got the ferry + train ticket at B1084 at Tim Travel in Sairee Beach. It looks like it is barely the same price if you take the night ferry to Surat Thani followed by buses to the Malaysian border, so rather than travelling with pigs and bad weather with a tiring bus ride, I chose a more relaxed way.

August 19, 2003

Shark !!

Filed under: Round-The-World-2003,Thailand — stephane @ 11:57 am

Aah this is the first shark I’m seeing clearly at Chumphon. I was diving with my cool english buddy Jim and we got an excellent dive spotting the major attractions of Chumphon: Shark and…. the yellow boxfish. Murphy’s law was in action…I had fog in the housing and could not take a nice picture of this boxfish. This is the 2nd time I see it in Chumphon and 3rd time since I’m diving. The first time was in Aliwal Shoal, near Cathedral, it was a baby one that was as small as a thumb nail !

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